Bats in the Belfry, Bells in the Attic

Bats in the Belfry... cover

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"These vignettes, of ordinary lives, glimpsed through the eyes of unforgettable, often quirky characters probe the complexity of what it is to be human, while giving an extraordinary and entertaining read. The stories range from a twin sister's bus ride encounter, to a 10 year old girl's diary, shifting gears to explore the mind of a pregnant schizophrenic trying to escape her past and present, to my very favorite, Ms. Collette, which could easily outshine any Twilight Zone or Outer Limits.

"...each (story) has a common thread lacing through them - Why are we here? Or more aptly - Where are we going? At times, many of his eccentric characters appear to have a momentary glimpse of the answer, but inevitably, their humanness pushes any potential revelations further away from their grasp...Few writers could tackle such a complex theme and pull it off so completely, time after time in an amazingly entertaining fashion." -- Sally Kale WordBeats, Word Museum's Reviewer

"...true delight...stories range from surrealistic to comedic to downright spooky...Each story is penned to amuse, titillate and/or cause some degree of reaction or manner of thought from the reader, an endeavor in which he admirable succeeds. His narrative ranges from biting wit to droll to thought provoking, providing something for everyone and every taste with this latest offering." - Denise M. Clark, Denise's Pieces Author Site & Book Reviews

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