From the Back of the House cover

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Located in the celebrated Cleveland Flats, Jim's Steak House was the place to go for people from Cleveland to London and beyond. Thousands of patrons from boat captains to movers and shakers celebrated anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, graduations, special memories, and more at JIM'S. While dining on their favorite choice cuts of beef and famous hash browns, they ogled the fabled Cuyahoga River, the Terminal Tower, and giant oar boats easing round Collision Bend.

Adopted into the JIM'S family at an early age, G.L. grew up living in the apartment above JIM'S and witnessed, from the back, top, and front, what some call the "hospitality business." This is his -- often humorous, sometimes poignant, always revealing -- story of the clan that was part of Cleveland's restaurant scene for some sixty years.

Beginning with the restaurant's founding in 1930 by Greek emigrant, James Kerkles; his marriage to much younger Hilda (later to be known as The Queen of the Flats), the story recounts Hilda's years of nurturing (after James untimely death) a restaurant and her deceased sister's son, Raymond Rockey. Raymond (Hilda called him "my boy") was named manager of JIM'S at the age of twenty-three. Thrust onto a restaurant stage, tending his "baby that never grows up," he, in more ways than one, indulged in the glow of a famous restaurant's "big time strut and glow."

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